The highest authority on the UWEAL organogram are our members who are represented by a Board of Directors elected every three years by the members at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The board is accountable to the UWEAL members and responsible for developing institutional operational policies and supervises the staff and management.

In performing its work, the Board is assisted by a series of governance committees including an Audit Committee, F&A Committee, Legal Committee, Planning & Development Committee, Fundraising Committee, Procurement Committee and a Membership and Publicity Committee. These committees help supervise staff and management in the planning, management, implementation and financial operations of all programs and projects through a clear Board approval process.

The day-to-day operations of the secretariat and associated programs and projects are entrusted to a team of skilled staff at the Secretariat led by a Chief Executive Officer with skilled technical and managerial experience in project and program implementation. The UWEAL staff constitute of a Finance & Administration, Program Manager who help support the CEO and board in the line management of the core staff including Shea butter Project Manager, Shea butter project M&E officer, Administration Officer, Estates Officer and Office Cleaner. This vibrant team keeps the secretariat running effectively and our members and service providers engaged as part of our core work ethic.