UWEAL is one voice for business women as a trusted partner to Private Sector Foundation Uganda to advocate for conducive business environment for business women. We are slowly but surely making UWEAL a power house for women in business and have over the years built the confidence of government and development partners in seeing us as the mouthpiece of women in business in Uganda.who we are-wome in business4

Capacity Building

  1. Training: This service is provided to members who have governance and management challenges in business. Under this program, needs assessment studies are performed to ensure that the needs of UWEAL members are understood and considered before training intervention is designed. We have a number of training programs throughout the year and an established collaboration with the International Trade Centre to build the capacity of our women entrepreneurs and prepare them for regional, cross border and international trade.
  2. Mentoring: This service is provided to members who wish to start business or those in business but facing challenges of sustainability. This is geared towards motivating and guiding women entrepreneurs to persist in business in growing their businesses. Additionally it builds confidence among women and girls as they plan to undertake businesses or implement their business plans. UWEAL also provides mentoring services in partnership with other organizations like Technoserve.
  3. Business counseling: Some members come seeking one off guidance on how to start, sustain or grow business. They have good ideas but they are not the most appropriate for their situation. We provide a day for counselling sessions on appointment and invite experienced members to provide counsel.

At UWEAL we believe providing opportunities for women to meet and share experiences of how to start, sustain and grow business makes a difference in a business woman’s mind.

We also encourage women to create a market for each other through personal contacts established when we bring them together as a group with a common mind of doing business.

Our members are therefore exposed to potential markets nationally, regionally and internationally through our membership to EABC, COMESA and have established an East African Women Entrepreneurs Exchange Network.

UWEAL is a hub for African Women Business Network. It is through these Networks that UWEAL has benefited from upcoming programs like the Supplier Diversity Training which equips women entrepreneurs to supply goods and services to large corporations as well as the government.

Contact Us

UWEAL House, UMA Show Gounds Lugogo, Jinja Road- Kampala P.O BOX 10002, Kampala, Uganda. Tell:+256414343952/0778608054
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