The Women Investment Club – SACCO:

The UWEAL WIC-SACCO was registered in July 2005 as a women’s savings and credit cooperative society to help enhance access to financial services. TO emulate this, similar savings groups have been stated across the country by UWEAL district women chapters to enable them get access to financial support when they need it.

Enterprise Institute:

The UWEAL Enterprise Institute aims at providing practical educational programs, resources and tools that support entrepreneurs to design launch and lead successful business ventures. Its goal is to create strong profitable and sustainable women owned businesses and enterprises by providing them with access an assortment of rich, valuable and strategic opportunities, information, resources and networks from UWEAL’s global business community which will further support their professional, business ambitions and goals.

Women’s Incubation Center:

UWEAL is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs by providing Business Development Services under one roof to enable them grow their enterprises on a sustainable basis. The goal of the project is to promote the development of competitive, profitable and sustainable businesses in agriculture and ICT among women and girl entrepreneurs. This will create employment especially for the youth and alleviate poverty among economically marginalized women in Uganda.

Girl Entrepreneurship Program (GEP):

GEP creates awareness about business and entrepreneurship to youth particularly young women and girls in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions and universities. It’s a great opportunity for successful women entrepreneurs to visit these institutions and share their stories, business experiences and success to inspire a younger generation of upcoming entrepreneurs. The objective is to inspire them to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship from a young age and become creative, innovative wealth generator and job creators. 

Month of the Woman Entrepreneurs (MOWE):

MOWE is a global annual event held in November which brings together local regional and international women entrepreneurs and business executives to celebrate the role of women entrepreneurs across the globe. Women around the world are empowered, forge solid networks and leverage their individual strengths to champion and create an enabling environment for women to do business in their countries. UWEAL works in partnership with International Labor Organization to execute Uganda’s MOWE events.

Annual Women Business Leaders Conference: 

The UWEAL Annual Women Business Leaders Conference is a unique platform for these business leaders share their experience, inspire others and be inspired, to create strategic business partnerships, discover new business and investment opportunities. Women come together to jointly identify proactive measures around local and global challenges and craft innovative solutions and strategies to enable them trade, and do business which contributes to economic growth and development across the continent. UWEAL works in partnership with International Alert and International Labor Organization to execute this annual event that includes 2 days of business and peace sessions and an Award dinner.