Mission, Vision and Goals


Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL) was established in 1987, whose mandate is grounded in 3 core program areas; Building strong women owned enterprises, Networking and marketing linkages for business women and advocating for policies that create an enabling environment for women to compete favorably in business.


UWEAL has spearheaded the transformation of the landscape that gives women in business a voice to showcase that women are as capable to start and run a business as much as men. The association is currently firmly placed in the private sector to assist and provide the necessary support and guidance to women in business and to advocate for favorable policies through which women entrepreneurs can flourish.




UWEAL is one voice for business women with the aim of advocating for conducive business environment for business women. UWEAL is a power house for women in business and have over the years built strong partnerships with Government and development partners playing key role in contributing to gender responsive policies.


The UWEAL Training and Capacity Building Activities

UWEAL has over the past 35 years built the capacity of over 3.2 million women in various entrepreneurship, business development and value addition skills and contributed to the increment and improvement of skills, productivity, product standards, business networks and market linkages for women entrepreneurs across Uganda. This has also contributed to improvements in leadership skills and good governance among business women and entrepreneurs in the country.


UWEAL offers exemplary capacity building, networking and advocacy services to its membership and to date has accomplished the following:

  • ACCESS! Export Training Course for Women Exporters by International Trade Center
  • Policy paper development and dissemination on EAC and CETs
  • Curriculum development (module development) – UWEAL Enterprise Institute
  • Girl Entrepreneurship Program
  • Business Advisory Support
  • Feasibility study on Women Incubation with ABI-ICRISAT – FK Norway
  • Women Incubator Business Plan and Project Development
  • Women in Business Profiling
  • Product Certification Support and quality standards support/linkages to certification bodies
  • Cooperatives and Chapter Development.


We believe that investing in women is investing in our nation’s economy. UWEAL works towards creating opportunities for its members and women entrepreneurs across the country to access capacity building and networking opportunities, and take part advocacy campaigns. We have offered training and business advisory services in a representation of 92 chapters(districts).

Our upcoming events

Learn here about our upcoming events. Some of our events are online allowing you to participate remotely.