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Participants contributing to the discussion during awareness session in Masaka

Capacity Building/Training

This service is provided to members who have business challenges. Under this program, needs assessment studies are performed to ensure that the needs of UWEAL members are understood and considered before training interventions are designed. We have a number of training programs throughout the year.

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Hoima chapter leader stressing the need for women to work in groups during awareness creation in Hoima Hub


At UWEAL, we believe that providing opportunities for women to meet and share experiences on how to start, sustain and grow a business makes a difference in an entrepreneur’s mind. We also encourage women to create markets for each other through personal contacts established when we bring them together. Our members are, therefore, exposed to potential markets nationally, regionally and internationally through our membership to organisations such as East African Business Council, Private Sector Foundation Uganda and East African Women Entrepreneurs Exchange Network. UWEAL is also the network hub for Africa Businesswomen’s Network, a network that brings together six African countries namely; Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa.

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Advocacy Officer elaborating on trading within the EAC in Kabale hub


UWEAL is a voice for women entrepreneurs in Uganda, advocating for a conducive business environment in which they can thrive. As a power-house for women entrepreneurs, UWEAL has, over the years, built the confidence of major stakeholders like the Government of Uganda and development partners who view the association as a credible mouthpiece for women entrepreneurs in Uganda.