Nakayenga Mints Money from Hibiscus

She just wanted to create a small business that would help her earn an income upon retirement and also create employment for a few close relatives. Today, Ms. Regina Nakayenga is a budding billionaire, having been bitten by the entrepreneur bug that stimulated her zeal, resilience and determination to pursue giant dreams.

Her company, Rena Beverage Solutions, is a home-based enterprise that produces a range of beverage products from both the trumpet-shaped hibiscus flower and hibiscus seeds. The products include Rena Hibi Drink, a ready-to-drink nutritional juice, Rena Hibi Concentrate – a concentrated juice and Rena Hibi Tea, a soluble powder that may be dissolved in hot or cold
water. The firm also produces sweet and dry hibiscus wines.

The single mother of five and former entrepreneurship lecturer at Kyambogo University says that putting the theories she always taught her students into practice, has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of her life. “While a lecturer, I always felt hypocritical when I taught business skills that I had never actually used and had no real experience with. That challenged
me to establish a business,” she explains. Read More

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