The Women Business Leaders Conference (WBLC)

The Women Business Leaders Conference (WBLC) is an annual event which brings together local regional and international women entrepreneurs and business executives to be empowered, forge solid networks and leverage their individual and corporate strengths to champion and create an enabling environment for women to do business in their countries.

This unique conference aims to celebrate the mileage and achievements that business women have made and help pave the way for future young women and girl entrepreneurs. It is a unique platform for these business leaders share their experience, inspire others and be inspired, to create strategic business partnerships, discover new business and investment opportunities. Women come together to jointly identify proactive measures around local and global challenges and craft innovative solutions and strategies to enable them trade, and do business which contributes to economic growth and development across the continent.

Month Of The Woman Entrepreneur (MOWE)

The International Labor Organisation, through its project on Women Entrepreneurship Development and Gender Equality (ILO-WEDGE), in collaboration with women entrepreneurship associations in Uganda, formed a partnership designed to widely promote the role of women entrepreneurship development. Through this concept, the women entrepreneur associations in Uganda dedicated the month of November as the ‘Month Of The Woman Entrepreneur (MOWE’).

During MOWE, a combination of different events ranging from capacity building, business exhibitions and advocacy forums are carried out, with an aim of creating an enabling environment for women entrepreneurs, promoting the role of women entrepreneurship development and recognizing the potential and achievements of women entrepreneurs in generating employment and income.

All MOWE activities address women entrepreneurs, including those with disabilities and those living with HIV/AIDS.


  • To widely promote the role of women entrepreneurship development in national development by recognizing the potential and achievements of women entrepreneurs in generating employment and incomes.
  • To showcase women entrepreneurs as role models.
  • To renew the commitment of concerned stakeholders towards the promotion of women entrepreneurship development.
  • To disseminate information and exchange good practices in the areas of women’s entrepreneurship development, and raise critical issues affecting women entrepreneurs for the attention of policy makers and other relevant stakeholders.

Annual Business Achievers’ Awards

At the end of every year UWEAL recognizes women who have excelled in entrepreneurship. The objective of the award is to motivate winners to carry on and inspire women to work even harder. The awards are open to all women entrepreneurs irrespective of UWEAL membership. Members are also honored for the exemplary and selfless service to UWEAL.

East African Women Entrepreneurs Women Exchange Network (EAWEExN)

This program was launched in July, 2007 as the Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Exchange to provide an opportunity for Uganda’s women entrepreneurs to exhibit their products and network with one another. The network has since grown to include seven countries in the region and 2009 was re-launched as the East African Women Entrepreneurs Exchange Network to create a regional networking platform.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

UWEAL hosts strong business presenters speaking on knowledge-enriching topics at monthly breakfast meetings. This is yet another networking opportunity for women entrepreneurs, where information is shared on various business topics. Members are updated on upcoming business events and networking opportunities are created. This years AGM is scheduled for 23rd March 2019.